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Harmony Unveiled: Discover the Soul of Indian Classical Music and Dance

Bani Chakra a Music And Dance Training College was Founded in the year 1957, November 28, jointly by Srimati Renu Das, M.A. and Sri Rabindra Kumar Das in the name of their only issue Bani. Bani’s name was Probal Kumar Das but the was better known by his aforesaid nick name. He was born in the year 1343, 3rd. Falgoon B. S. b but as ill luck would have it he was suddenly snatched away by the Almighty in the year 1361, 9th Falgoon B. S. The consequent breavement of the parents who have just lost their beloved son could be easily imagined.

Bani was born in the house of Music lovers. Both his father’s and mother’s maternal side – renowned Rup Babu and Raghu Babu’s house was famous for the petronage of music most of the musicians of India and even of foreign lands who used to come to Dacca which was the famous citadel od music and music culture and heritage of East Bengal and now the Capital of Bangladesh, used either to stay or visit the “Ruplal House”. His father used to sing classical music but owing to the pressure of his own big business he was latter forced to give it up. His mother is a musician of high standard and the was an artist playing Sitar in the Dacca Station of the then All India Radio. In such an environment Bani took his birth, He also become a grest lover of music in no time

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